In September 2018, Algodone, along with 10 other start-ups from France, Israel, US, UK and Singapore, was selected to participate in a 6-month Thales Cyber Security Program called Cyber@StationF, after a rigorous selection process managed by Thales specialists in Cybersecurity.

All teams have worked extremely hard in the past few months to advance respective technologies, collaborated with each other and with different Thales business divisions.

Today at the conclusion of this program, the results have been outstanding:

  • Algodone have worked very closely with Thales Research and Technology teams to co-develop key innovative technology for a next generation product and completed a joint Proof of Concept.
  • Algodone have participated in 20 various Thales internal and external events amongst which the FIC (Forum International de la Cybersécurité) and Thales T-Days (Annual meeting of Thales Management), culminating in the “Demo Day” where all start-ups presented to internal and external audience the results of the program.
  • Algodone have identified four potential long ranging use cases and are currently working on two.

Cyber@StationF has been an amazing experience for Algodone. They thank the whole community for coming together to make this program a success, in particular Antonin and Rebecca at Thales Digital Factory for their relentless effort in managing the program as well as Algodone’s wonderful coaches Arnaud and Thierry for guiding them along the way. Algodone wouldn’t be where they are today without them. Thanks Cyber@StationF!

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