Systematic Paris-Region distingue chaque année depuis 2011 une sélection de PME innovantes, membres actifs du Pôle, qui se démarquent par leur potentiel d’innovation, leur croissance régulière et solide, leur développement à l’international et l’ambition de leurs dirigeants.

Cette année, AMARISOFT, CENTREON, DATAIKU, DEVERYWARE et OXAND rejoignent le club sélectif des Champions du Pôle Systematic, portant désormais à 57 le nombre total de PME distinguées depuis 2011. Découvrons tout de suite AMARISOFT !

Could you please introduce Amarisoft in a few words?

Franck Spinelli, Président d’Amarisoft

Franck Spinelli: Amarisoft is a software company delighted to bring affordable and high quality solutions to the 4G/5G community to unleash creativity and ultimately expand communications among people.

Accessible technology is the basement of success stories. Our goal is to develop a technology that significantly improves wireless communications between people, no matter where they are located. We are working on helping companies of all sizes to become players in mobile network infrastructures of 4G and 5G generations. We invented vRAN 7 years ago when it was not even named by the entire industry and we are still leading this virtualization evolution helping to reorganize the wireless market.

With more than 600 customers (including 95% export) all over the world, Amarisoft is helping all wireless telecommunication players to accelerate their roadmap and bring reliable and affordable products to the world.

What are your main products and/or solutions?

FS: Necessary software to:

  1. build 4G and 5G base stations based upon a generic PC based hardware. This software is sold either as binary or source code depending on the need of the integrator, partner or customer.
  2. test 4G and 5G RAN equipments through our Tests & Measurements product line. This includes off-the-shelf Callbox and UE Simbox. Documentations are available on our website.

What has been Systematic’s role in your deployment and growth?

FS: Although Amarisoft is a non-conventional startup (we never raised money from investors), Systematic has always tried to help us and put us in contact with people in order to increase our business reach.

When you decide not to raise money from investors, you spend 100% of your time on your product and on finding customers. So it is important to have Systematic facilitating your business opportunities’ research.

Moreover, thanks to Systematic we manage to help our network of partners and integrators through one PIA program.

What will Amarisoft look like in 5 years?

FS: In 5 years, Amarisoft wants to become a reference in the vRAN industry and supply all major players. 5G and 4G technology is going to dominate both commercial and private wireless networks. We are going to surf this evolution in all sectors using wireless infrastructures.

Through its community of partners and integrators, Amarisoft will sustain the 4G/5G vRAN wave backstage and increase its world leadership.

How does it feel to be a Systematic 2020 Champion?

FS: Amarisoft’s team is proud to be recognized after its almost 8 years of continuous efforts. We are happy to prove you can create a visionary Software company out of the Silicon Valley and succeed from France, paying all of our income and social taxes in France.

How would you define Systematic in 3 words?

    • Necessary
    • Effective
    • Reliable

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11 personnes

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2019 : 8 chiffres avec une croissance annuelle de 75%

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France (2 sites)

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